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Push Them Into the Downward Spiral

Doom Loop of History for Donald

I’m beginning to sense a change in the air, and I get that same old sick feeling it’s not a change for the better. It seems increasingly likely the Dems are nearing the end of their post-election burst of activity, the ooze of the swamp is bogging them down to a halt. Like a nausea-inducing recurrence of deja vu, I sense the return of the Democratic Impotence Time Loop. That’s bound to touch a few nerves but I’m beyond caring because I’ve seen this happen so many times before.

Many people feel it’s unfair criticism of the Democrats, who they believe are doing everything they can in the face of united opposition from the Republicans. What I see is a divided country that cannot afford to go through another cycle of the Impotence Time Loop. Over and over, the Repubs have acted in short-sighted, opportunistic, self-dealing fashion while stirring up their very victims. And each cycle is a continuation of the downward spiral to fascism.

Many of the poorly educated or slow-witted who have been left behind by the corporatocracy have been manipulated by the right into believing all sorts of fantastical nonsense. It took two generations to de educate the masses, who now have little historic or common sense context with which to make judgments about their reality. It’s much easier to feed people ridiculous conspiracies if they have little basic knowledge of history science logic or physics. When I returned to school in the 90s I was shocked by how few (mostly younger) classmates could read a novel or text book and make any kind of sense of what they had just read. That type of person is easy to fool.
Now we are stuck cohabiting the country with fact-averse looney tunes who couldn’t critically think their way out of a paper bag. I have seen and spoken to so many people in the last decade who ostensibly went through the education system but who have no knowledge about basic things such as, The Earth is round, the Moon affects tides, there is only one human race, etc. Don’t expect comprehension of concepts like logical fallacies, or how everything in nature is interconnected. All they know is, I read it on the internet so it must be true. Or Trump wouldn’t lie to me, he told me so!

Republicans are a pack of power hungry unscrupulous authoritarian traitorous weasels. They will cheat lie and steal to get what they desire, which is absolute power over the rest of us. The Democrats, sadly restrained by their precious ethics, morals, principles, are incapable of withstanding the soulless fascist actions of the Republicans, who want permanent power at any cost. The Democrats continue to wring their hands and commiserate about their inability to unite in a LIFE or DEATH effort to stop the republicans. We CANNOT afford to go through another cycle of the downward spiral of the Democratic Impotence Time Loop. THE TRAITORS HAVE TO BE STOPPED. Their will be no further cycles after this next one if the traitors are enabled to regain control. Although the Dems cannot muster the willpower to answer the call of history AND patriotism, it is of existential importance that they go against their polite proclivities and stop the cycle now!

Timothy Snyder, Levin Professor of History at Yale and author of On Tyranny, writes in his June 6 article,

“The scenario then goes like this. The Republicans win back the House and Senate in 2022, in part thanks to voter suppression. The Republican candidate in 2024 loses the popular vote by several million and the electoral vote by the margin of a few states. State legislatures, claiming fraud, alter the electoral count vote. The House and Senate accept that altered count. The losing candidate becomes the president. We no longer have “democratically elected government.” And people are angry.”

The article is well worth reading, and so obvious if you’re paying attention. I find the fact disturbing that every day more evidence of Trump’s utter unfitness as a Human Being is revealed, yet he has millions of devoted cult followers as well as the entire Republican leadership. If Dem leadership can’t get their contrarian members on board the cruise to save democracy, they will be beyond sorry. Trump and his crooks have been gaming the system as SOP for years and their fondest desire is to bring down the limits that constrain them from all-out pillage. First, the Democrats need to act now to save democracy. Then they need to raise taxes on the ultra rich and corporations, which have become far too powerful and have been getting a free ride from working people and lack of meaningful regulation. This ain’t no fooling around these criminals must be stopped now.

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18-year-old illustration for Detroit newspaper

I started this cartoon because I have 40 years experience creating graphics/art on a daily basis and I wanted to do something that’s actually worth the time it takes to produce. A lot of people would react by thinking, “How can a cartoon be a worthwhile expenditure of time?” I’m not trying to do a content-free strip that exists to market products or a super hero fantasy. There are literally thousands of journalists/bloggers/writers on the internet who can put together a good essay on news events, and that’s fine. For me to add another weekly essay to the pile, I have to ask myself, does it make any difference? A weekly political one-panel? There are more political cartoonists than publications to publish them, so that would be a wasted effort. But perhaps a cartoon about the insurrectionists in our midst, to my way of thinking, is a better vehicle to discuss and expose the utter insanity and gullibility of anti-science, low-information, easily fooled racist Q anon conspiracy nuts.

It’s really hard to take these crazies seriously, which means it’s natural to mistake their knee-jerk violent reactions to anything outside of their limited expectations as a harmless one-time aberration. But the ossified Senate will do nothing to improve matters and if they had their wishes January 6 will enter the history books as a day of excitable tourists. I want this cartoon to be a weekly reminder that the violent nutcases are polishing their weapons, bitterly complaining about their “lost rights” and planning their next move. When asked by Facebook to make a statement of my purpose in starting a fundraiser, I wrote, “To be able to continue my weekly political cartoon that is committed to constantly taking the January 6 Capitol Insurrectionists to task and reminding every good American that there are traitors in our midst who must either be brought to enlightenment or neutralized in some non violent fashion.”

Old-timey Republican Fascist John Ashcroft bitch slapped

I have recently lost my little side income that I need to make ends meet. I could go work part time in some huge warehouse or drive my old car into the ground making deliveries. But I think my time is better spent exposing the ridiculousness of what has been happening.

People killing over SKIN COLOR?? WTF?? It’s beyond my comprehension how many folks get caught up in that insanity. Religious zealots ready to kill over the delusion that atheists or the competition (other religions) are taking away their freedom. People get it together we have REAL problems to deal with. An ever evolving pandemic, which is a preview of what’s to come. A looming global warming catastrophe that most real experts feel it’s past time to avoid. Not really a cheery thought that you feel fortunate you will probably escape that horror because you’ll be dead before then. When 25% of the country is bedazzled by the constant beat of lies Lies LIES every day from traitorous “leaders” and many are armed and prone to violence? I have been telling people since the 80s that this country is on the wrong path. Devoted to quick get rich schemes with no thought to the consequences to younger generations. So I think that by posting my weekly comic designed to show the absurdity of the present circumstances and additional commentary and art, I’m making a better contribution than part time working for Bezos.

So PLEASE consider making a donation to someone who had their best job ever taken away in 1993 by the BUSH FAMILY. Then again I was negatively impacted by the BUSH 2008 economic meltdown and my employment situation became untenable. Since then the majority of employers have considered me to be an old fart liability and I’ve been scrounging for dollars ever since.

I figure if people are willing to give to whatever weird proposals offered up on Kickstarter etc. then why not donate a buck for an overworked underpaid artist? At least you’ll be getting a weekly comic! Keep progressive art alive!! Thanks have a great day!

Progressive Artist Needs Work to Survive

I’ll Be Posting Previous work here and on my KO-FI Page

Good morning, here is page 16 of my weekly comic On The Fence. I’ve been semi-retired for the last couple years and I would love to continue this every week as an avocation, yet with the recent loss of my side income, I’ve added a KO-FI icon to my website,

Producing a weekly comic takes a lot of effort but I’m committed to telling this story because I see moronic, clownish, ignorant yet dangerous lunatics trying to bring down democracy. I don’t think that for me to talk or write essays about it will change or enlighten any additional “minds” out there but a cartoon just might possibly get through some amazingly thick numbskulls.

The roadblock to this is I need a little income to make ends meet. I hesitate to take on a part time job because I really only need a few hours a week. To avoid giving over my weekly schedule to a for-profit company, I’m soliciting donations in the hope I can continue to put out this comic and build my site to add more art, more comics, videos and a store for books and other items.  

I’m also open to taking illustration commissions. I’m going to be posting past art examples on my KO-FI page this week. Caricatures, children’s book illustrations, portraits, cartoons, etc. I’ve worked as an artist/designer/editor over the years for General Motors, Blue Cross, newspapers, magazines, book publishers and many other clients. I’d rather be working on such projects than asking for donations, but at this point I don’t want to get stuck working 3-4 days a week so that I can continue with the cartoon and other projects. At the weekly comic is in Webtoons format, much better for mobile devices. If you believe in supporting art please consider a small donation by clicking on the coffee cup icon.

Right Wing Liars Must Be Brought To Justice

White Nationalist Representative for Fascism For Dummies

The crazy dangerous lunatic above needs to be separated from any proximity to political power. It doesn’t matter if she was elected because if she was elected on the basis of her lies about the election, Black Lives Matter, “Antifa” (an imaginary organization) and basic health protocols, she is a danger to our country AND democracy. Consistent lying to low information voters is despicable and anyone who defends this kind of dimwitted, reality-denying adolescent fascist crap is not an honest or dependable person.

So what do you think of the “new guidelines” to no longer wear a mask if you’re vaccinated? I have a bad feeling about that since the worst offenders when it comes to mask wearing don’t present themselves as the most trustworthy, sensible or honorable people. Putting the society which teaches that getting ahead at any cost, including lying cheating and stealing, on an honor system regarding mask-wearing doesn’t seem to be the most effective strategy for beating this pandemic. Let’s not forget that only a few months ago science deniers were instigating violent confrontations over masking in grocery stores, etc.

So now the CDC expects that everyone who has thrown hissy fits over masks and now refuse to get vaccinated will wear their masks like a responsible adult. The point is they aren’t responsible adults. You have to stop and think—are most Americans smart enough to figure out, on their own, that wearing a mask protects one from germs? Have you seen the people driving around in their cars, alone, with the windows rolled up, wearing a mask? Unbelievable, no common sense. I’m sorry but after a couple generations of dumbing down the USA, I have little faith in the intelligence of nearly half of this country. Let’s face it, 49.99% of people fall on the lower half of the intelligence Bell Curve. Oh well.

I’ve updated my website to display the cartoon in Webtoons style, like a vertical strip, much easier to see on your phone(if you view it on a desktop it displays like a traditional page). Give it a try, there are other graphics and I’ll soon start posting my other graphic novel. And please feel free to continue to wear a mask in crowds if it makes you feel better, I know it works for me! Have a great week!

This is the Creepy Coup Crew’s Goal

Graphic for a book cover

I will be brief this week. The Former POS POTUS continues his dangerous anti-democracy lies about essentially non-existent election fraud and his moronic minions worship anything he vomits up. Many people say he should be shunned and ignored but the problem with that approach is it’s the same mistake being made by his sycophantic simpletons. That is, denying reality and expecting everything to work out just fine. The last thing rational patriots should do is drop our guard because the Creepy Coup Crew is busily denying anything happened on January 6, convincing their demented devotees that there were “significant problems with voting integrity”, IOW a big freaking lie that they will never admit to.

The reason being that microweenie Don Cornholio can’t bring his liddle snowflake self to admit he lost fair and square and he is a weakling cowardly microweenie. The creeps who helped liddle Donnie pull off January 6th, hereafter referred to as the Idiot’s Inch Erection, are actively spreading his toxic traitorous lies and pandering directly to the basest of his base. These creepy traitors need to be rounded up, once scrupulously FAIR and PROPER investigations have been done, and put in a cage for a long long time. I want my grandchildren to live in an equitable democratic republic. Is anyone getting tired of waking up to a new mass shooting every day? Do people need to be literally under fire at the local grocery store before any effective actions are taken? And if we don’t as a nation get back on a functional path soon, there’s little chance we will avoid catastrophic climate events.

That’s why I intend to keep bashing him and his imbecilic illiterates unless they either stop lying or admit that they are a pack of dishonest traitors without morals, principles or scruples of any kind. Until then I will be posting another page every week as a form of Chinese Water Torture, higher mortality than the China Virus for !! Every one of you brainwashed baboons will eventually succumb to the inevitable logic wisdom and sarcasm of this web comic!! Well, in the best of all worlds that may occur, but as all of us realists know, if you don’t keep your eye on the degenerates they will return and resume their evil plots to destroy our democracy.

So on that thought, I have nothing to add but I hope you are all having a great, healthy and happy day. Don’t drop your guard we need to arrest prosecute convict and imprison the POS POTUS and his lying cheating enablers.