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18-year-old illustration for Detroit newspaper

I started this cartoon because I have 40 years experience creating graphics/art on a daily basis and I wanted to do something that’s actually worth the time it takes to produce. A lot of people would react by thinking, “How can a cartoon be a worthwhile expenditure of time?” I’m not trying to do a content-free strip that exists to market products or a super hero fantasy. There are literally thousands of journalists/bloggers/writers on the internet who can put together a good essay on news events, and that’s fine. For me to add another weekly essay to the pile, I have to ask myself, does it make any difference? A weekly political one-panel? There are more political cartoonists than publications to publish them, so that would be a wasted effort. But perhaps a cartoon about the insurrectionists in our midst, to my way of thinking, is a better vehicle to discuss and expose the utter insanity and gullibility of anti-science, low-information, easily fooled racist Q anon conspiracy nuts.

It’s really hard to take these crazies seriously, which means it’s natural to mistake their knee-jerk violent reactions to anything outside of their limited expectations as a harmless one-time aberration. But the ossified Senate will do nothing to improve matters and if they had their wishes January 6 will enter the history books as a day of excitable tourists. I want this cartoon to be a weekly reminder that the violent nutcases are polishing their weapons, bitterly complaining about their “lost rights” and planning their next move. When asked by Facebook to make a statement of my purpose in starting a fundraiser, I wrote, “To be able to continue my weekly political cartoon that is committed to constantly taking the January 6 Capitol Insurrectionists to task and reminding every good American that there are traitors in our midst who must either be brought to enlightenment or neutralized in some non violent fashion.”

Old-timey Republican Fascist John Ashcroft bitch slapped

I have recently lost my little side income that I need to make ends meet. I could go work part time in some huge warehouse or drive my old car into the ground making deliveries. But I think my time is better spent exposing the ridiculousness of what has been happening.

People killing over SKIN COLOR?? WTF?? It’s beyond my comprehension how many folks get caught up in that insanity. Religious zealots ready to kill over the delusion that atheists or the competition (other religions) are taking away their freedom. People get it together we have REAL problems to deal with. An ever evolving pandemic, which is a preview of what’s to come. A looming global warming catastrophe that most real experts feel it’s past time to avoid. Not really a cheery thought that you feel fortunate you will probably escape that horror because you’ll be dead before then. When 25% of the country is bedazzled by the constant beat of lies Lies LIES every day from traitorous “leaders” and many are armed and prone to violence? I have been telling people since the 80s that this country is on the wrong path. Devoted to quick get rich schemes with no thought to the consequences to younger generations. So I think that by posting my weekly comic designed to show the absurdity of the present circumstances and additional commentary and art, I’m making a better contribution than part time working for Bezos.

So PLEASE consider making a donation to someone who had their best job ever taken away in 1993 by the BUSH FAMILY. Then again I was negatively impacted by the BUSH 2008 economic meltdown and my employment situation became untenable. Since then the majority of employers have considered me to be an old fart liability and I’ve been scrounging for dollars ever since.

I figure if people are willing to give to whatever weird proposals offered up on Kickstarter etc. then why not donate a buck for an overworked underpaid artist? At least you’ll be getting a weekly comic! Keep progressive art alive!! Thanks have a great day!