MAGA is hiding in your neighborhood

We made it out of Trumpocalypse but only after losing a half million fellow citizens. Though this pandemic would have been met better by any other imaginable administration, the MAGA minions are still out there all over this country, waiting on the lying words of their Feckless Leader.

I find it hard to understand how after the last 4 years, and especially the last total disaster of year, that the “former guy” has any supporters left at all. Those who don’t immediately see that he’s lying whenever he speaks or that the economy wouldn’t be a mess if there had been a competent reaction to the pandemic? I don’t get it.

People who are willing to travel across the country and attempt to overthrow the government because an obvious liar lied to them? People who believe baby trafficking pedophile cannibals are in control and the Republicans are the (literally) lily white good guy saviors of the USA? Wow. Yes I believe there are some truly evil super rich (erstwhile friends of Jeffery) in this country. But come on let’s get real.

We can’t forget those conspiracy believing pawns still exist in every neighborhood and that they must be stopped. Whether by education, or if necessary, prison, but the violent insurrectionists are awaiting their orders and have to be dealt with. Oh and by the way, he lost and he’s history.

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