Right Wing Liars Must Be Brought To Justice

White Nationalist Representative for Fascism For Dummies

The crazy dangerous lunatic above needs to be separated from any proximity to political power. It doesn’t matter if she was elected because if she was elected on the basis of her lies about the election, Black Lives Matter, “Antifa” (an imaginary organization) and basic health protocols, she is a danger to our country AND democracy. Consistent lying to low information voters is despicable and anyone who defends this kind of dimwitted, reality-denying adolescent fascist crap is not an honest or dependable person.

So what do you think of the “new guidelines” to no longer wear a mask if you’re vaccinated? I have a bad feeling about that since the worst offenders when it comes to mask wearing don’t present themselves as the most trustworthy, sensible or honorable people. Putting the society which teaches that getting ahead at any cost, including lying cheating and stealing, on an honor system regarding mask-wearing doesn’t seem to be the most effective strategy for beating this pandemic. Let’s not forget that only a few months ago science deniers were instigating violent confrontations over masking in grocery stores, etc.

So now the CDC expects that everyone who has thrown hissy fits over masks and now refuse to get vaccinated will wear their masks like a responsible adult. The point is they aren’t responsible adults. You have to stop and think—are most Americans smart enough to figure out, on their own, that wearing a mask protects one from germs? Have you seen the people driving around in their cars, alone, with the windows rolled up, wearing a mask? Unbelievable, no common sense. I’m sorry but after a couple generations of dumbing down the USA, I have little faith in the intelligence of nearly half of this country. Let’s face it, 49.99% of people fall on the lower half of the intelligence Bell Curve. Oh well.

I’ve updated my website https://onthefencecomic.com to display the cartoon in Webtoons style, like a vertical strip, much easier to see on your phone(if you view it on a desktop it displays like a traditional page). Give it a try, there are other graphics and I’ll soon start posting my other graphic novel. And please feel free to continue to wear a mask in crowds if it makes you feel better, I know it works for me! Have a great week!