Trading a mortal threat for a slight headache

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Rock Da Rona

Good morning, I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend! It appears that Congress is slowly but surely working on getting assistance out to Americans and ramping up the vaccinations. The criticisms are already flying but just imagine where we would be if “former guy” was still nominally in control. Personally I can’t complain as I was able to make a vaccination appointment last Thursday and I got my first dose Friday morning. To encourage everyone to keep up their viral vigilance for just a bit longer are my friends the Sturgeon General and the Frickin’ Chicken.

This was the first time in a year I was in a room with a (socially distanced) crowd of hundreds of folks. But it was all perfectly planned out, well organized and administered in an impressive manner. It’s the difference between night and day showing how competent government can accomplish goals  as compared to an administration of prevaricating greedy weasels. My arm was sore and I experienced a slight headache but otherwise there were no reactions.

Though I will continue to anticipate better things as the country moves forward towards the resolution of the crisis of this past year, there is still a hard core of opposition determined to block any sensible progress  out of sheer ideological spite. The problem is their ideology consists of the worship of a lying traitor and to surrender all rationality to conspiracy theories. And those are our neighbors.

I hope you enjoy the cartoon, I will post page 6 next Monday. Stay well and have a great week!