This is the Creepy Coup Crew’s Goal

Graphic for a book cover

I will be brief this week. The Former POS POTUS continues his dangerous anti-democracy lies about essentially non-existent election fraud and his moronic minions worship anything he vomits up. Many people say he should be shunned and ignored but the problem with that approach is it’s the same mistake being made by his sycophantic simpletons. That is, denying reality and expecting everything to work out just fine. The last thing rational patriots should do is drop our guard because the Creepy Coup Crew is busily denying anything happened on January 6, convincing their demented devotees that there were “significant problems with voting integrity”, IOW a big freaking lie that they will never admit to.

The reason being that microweenie Don Cornholio can’t bring his liddle snowflake self to admit he lost fair and square and he is a weakling cowardly microweenie. The creeps who helped liddle Donnie pull off January 6th, hereafter referred to as the Idiot’s Inch Erection, are actively spreading his toxic traitorous lies and pandering directly to the basest of his base. These creepy traitors need to be rounded up, once scrupulously FAIR and PROPER investigations have been done, and put in a cage for a long long time. I want my grandchildren to live in an equitable democratic republic. Is anyone getting tired of waking up to a new mass shooting every day? Do people need to be literally under fire at the local grocery store before any effective actions are taken? And if we don’t as a nation get back on a functional path soon, there’s little chance we will avoid catastrophic climate events.

That’s why I intend to keep bashing him and his imbecilic illiterates unless they either stop lying or admit that they are a pack of dishonest traitors without morals, principles or scruples of any kind. Until then I will be posting another page every week as a form of Chinese Water Torture, higher mortality than the China Virus for !! Every one of you brainwashed baboons will eventually succumb to the inevitable logic wisdom and sarcasm of this web comic!! Well, in the best of all worlds that may occur, but as all of us realists know, if you don’t keep your eye on the degenerates they will return and resume their evil plots to destroy our democracy.

So on that thought, I have nothing to add but I hope you are all having a great, healthy and happy day. Don’t drop your guard we need to arrest prosecute convict and imprison the POS POTUS and his lying cheating enablers.