Giving Away The Groceries

It’s been a rough couple weeks, which is why I never got around to posting a blog last week. Usually after I post the weekly comic page I knock out a short essay about whatever is on my mind at the time. Then I post it and move on to the next task on my list. But during the last two weeks I’ve been asking myself, how sick do you have to get before giving away the groceries. Around here that’s what we say for going to see the doctor, because the co pay they demand before any treatment is the same amount as what it costs to eat for a week.

The first thing to happen was, suddenly upon standing up from my computer desk, a pain shot through my right hip, like someone kicked me in the rear with all their strength. I’ve been limping around, and struggling to get a little sleep at night ever since. About 3 days after that, I gave myself food poisoning, apparently from eating some Trail mix. I spent 24 hours in misery, on the verge of calling somebody for a ride to the hospital. I came so close to making that call, yet the only thing worse than a fear of death was the fear of a hospital bill. So I toughed it out for 4 days of feeling more dead than alive. Neither my stomach or my hip feel anything like normal and I will probably break down and see my doctor if I’m not feeling better by next week. But at this point, I’m not quite ready to give up the groceries. That will be the last resort, since more often than not, when I see the doctor they tell me, “Oh well, that’s what it’s like to get old. Thanks for the grocery money!”