Climate Catastrophes and Hillbilly Miracle Cures

Home remedies are the bestest!

In the last couple months it’s becoming clear to me that I’m having some mental health issues. Specifically, the latest wave of the pandemic has pushed me towards a state of depression. I’m being slowly driven out of my mind by the halfway limbo existence of the present, sort of back to normal but not really, caused only by stupidity and lust for power. The problem is, the only way for me to climb out of this funk is some sign that matters will really start to move in the right direction, but we are living in a post-competence society. And I see very little indication of that.

As far as I’m concerned this country has been moving in the wrong direction since Reagan. Every time we are burdened with another Rethug president the country moves further towards ignorance and the extreme right. And I’m absolutely serious when I say now we live in a society where the truth and reality do not matter. The list of reality denying current events is long, pathetic and depressing.

Let’s start with the pandemic. None of this needed to happen. Public Health officials knew how to deal with it from the get go, but because of a criminally negligent lying former president, we are back into another wave of an epidemic that is now endemic. We had a chance to defeat COVID-19 last year but completely blew it because a narcissist preferred a cover up in service to his re election, which makes him a mass murderer. Then he incited a deadly insurrection of idiots yet has paid no penalty whatsoever. Yet an entire political party is supporting his many crimes and showing a united front of ridiculous unhinged from reality lies.

We have masses of idiots who would rather take deworming medicine for animals than just doing the right thing and getting a vaccination. How did this belief take hold that vaccinations are some bizarre new notion that originated as a money making hoax or government mind control instead of a traditional way of protection from sickness? This is beyond insanity, well actually, idiocy. I have heard so many dupes saying they don’t trust anything the government says, then they say they don’t trust the vaccine because it hasn’t been approved by the government! Then once it is approved they claim the whole process was speeded up too much to be safe. Then they praise the Former Fascist for speeding up the vaccine development process. You have to be pretty damn stupid to not notice the inconsistencies.

Then there are those who say they don’t want to take the vaccine because they might be in that tiny insignificant group that has a bad reaction (or die) from it. So far as I’ve heard there have been NO cases of someone dying from the vaccine. Besides, that attitude amounts to never going outside because you might get flattened by a falling communications satellite.

And there are the “it’s infringing on MY FREEDOMS! WAHHH!!” type of anti vaxxer. Do I really need to get into all the obvious examples; seat belts, shirts and shoes in a restaurant, obeying traffic signals, blah, blah blah. An awful lot of people have ignored the “license” side of the freedom equation. A free citizen has rights and responsibilities. Freedom without responsibility or the abandonment of responsibility is licentious behavior. So STFU and get vaccinated. If you don’t and get sick, then other patients need to be prioritized over your licentious behind.

Here in Cali I just dropped off my ballot regarding the recall election. Recalls are undemocratic and a huge waste of resources. I talked to an acquaintance who exclaimed that Newsom must go he’s done such a horrible job!! Really? I’m no great fan of any politician but he’s a competent governor. Jeez leave him alone. Things are screwed up enough already. The Caldor Fire is close enough to me that I can smell the smoke in the air. Homeless people are all over every neighborhood. This state is in long term super drought conditions and it’s been 100 degrees too many days to count. This state is a mess and I’m going to eventually leave. One governor can’t fix the mess that Former Fascist put this country in. I’ve heard some health experts say it will be 2023 before things begin to return to something resembling the old “normal.”

Fires in the West, and the East from Louisiana to Maine is devastated, obliterated (notice I did NOT misuse the word decimated) and the government continues to fight over what is reality and what is fantasy. Think about it! This country is in the midst of multiple crises and our so-called leaders are arguing over basic issues of FACT and REALITY. WE ARE SO SCREWED! There was a violent riot on January 6, instigated by Former Fascist and his criminal cronies, yet none of them NONE OF THEM is under arrest. The government will jail a bunch of low information insurrectionist morons who are so poorly educated that it’s a miracle they can survive through one day. How gullible do you have to be to listen to Former Fascist or his accomplices and not be immediately repulsed by their arrogance, ignorance and lack of knowledge, logic – or decency? It’s amazing, sickening and demoralizing.

I haven’t even touched on the infrastructure or climate crises because I don’t expect any official action to be taken. I see nothing but bad things down the road because this country is now in a post-rationality, post-competence phase. We can’t do anything right. We FINALLY got out of a war that should have ended 15 years ago, and I hear people claiming that Biden will be impeached before Christmas. You can’t lose a war and escape without consequences, what is wrong with people? The right is out for blood, they will use any excuse to impeach Biden and any future Democrat. Why? Because they need to cover up their guilt and complicity in the Rethug crimes of the last 5 years. I have no hope at all for the future if the Rethugs gain control in 2022.

So those are some of the main reasons for my depression. I haven’t even mentioned the negative effects of social distancing at my age and the probable end of many pasttimes I once enjoyed. The last time my band played a gig was February BP (before pandemic). And until selfish idiots are made to get vaccinated or if they all die off from their own stupidity, things will not get back to normal. There’s no cure without some hope that serious changes need to be made NOW and a bunch of criminals on the loose in Washington and state capitols need to be arrested tried and convicted of crimes against the USA and democracy. The rich get richer and escape any consequences for their crimes and regular people are being crushed by inflation. At this point, I only have faith that life in America is basically one big shitty dishonest scam.