Celebration at Vaccination Station


Happy Monday, another week begins. I received my second COVID vaccination last Friday, thanks to an amazing effort by the new administration. I don’t even want to speculate on where things would be if the Idiot’s Inch Erection, Oops, I mean Idiot’s Insurrection, had succeeded. Then the effort to vaccinate the country (as well as the entire globe) could be measured in years instead of months.

I was quite impressed by the well-organized administration of the vaccine. It’s a colossal task that from my experience, is being carried out remarkably well. It’s my hope this effort will be an example to prove that good government CAN accomplish necessary goals. Perhaps we can hope for a new, more active stretch of government advancements in citizen’s rights and infrastructure. .  I’m not encouraged to see that Republicans are still pushing their pack of big lies and attempting to, basically, keep the country in a state of instability. They don’t seem to have a strategy other than stopping any significant progress in the USA. And they’ve done a pretty competent job at propagandizing their base. The optimistic hope is in the fact that most former sane and honest Republicans are now supporters of the new administration. We still have the crazies to deal with.

I spoke to 2 people I know this week who always seemed sensible, who both told me no way am I getting that vaccination! I replied that even if you’re not nervous about becoming ill yourself, shouldn’t you do it to protect the overall population? One told me they never get any vaccinations, including flu shots. Okay, I admit to never having a flu shot. But I had the flu probably 8 or 9 times as a child and never again since. It’s a little different situation. Try to convince skeptics using the example of smallpox and you’ll probably get blank stares.  I mean make up your mind. I was under the impression their Feckless Leader was all for herd immunity. I guess they’re just for herd mentality!

Welcome to my New Web Comic

web comic main characters in conflict

Hello, this is my new web comic, which will be posted on this site every Monday.

Integrity … Holistic … Interconnected … Gestalt … Unity. All concepts that are near and dear to me. Concepts this country badly needs to take to heart. For healing the divisions and to move forward as one United nation. It’s in the name of the country for god’s sake. And that’s the only way to realize our potential.

ON The Fence is an attempt to depict the ridiculousness that has overtaken the country. A full analysis of what has gone so wrong with the direction we have been heading since the 1980s is necessary and though that is beyond my capabilities I do know one thing for certain. My generation, the Boomers, bear the lion’s share of the blame. Born into a triumphant country, the leader of the world, with a brand new infrastructure and the potential to create as near a Utopian future as possible. Instead we bifurcated into those who could see the possibilities and attempted to realize them within their own lives (the go with the flow, self realization sort). And those who used the unlimited possibilities to put themselves first and to exploit others in the pursuit of wealth and power (the Greed is Good sort).

Though I’m clearly on the self realization side, I don’t absolve either side from blame because both sides acted out of self-interest and ignored the big picture. The greater good. The right might say it’s a moral failing due to the loss of control of society by religion. The left might say it’s a failure of education to teach ethical behavior. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

web comic unity symbol

But the important question to me is how did we get so far off the path of fairness and decency to our fellow citizens and what do we do to fix it? I don’t have the answer although I’ve spent unknowable hours ruminating over it during this last disaster of a year. A year that did not need to play out that way. Let’s face it, if Americans were educated, informed citizens, the last administration would have never been elected in the first place. The pandemic would have been largely averted.

As a person who wrote a research paper about epidemics and plague in college and who always had an interest in the topic, I knew since March 2020 beyond any doubt that our former leadership was totally fumbling the response to COVID -19. Now the economy has sustained “substantial” (another word ruined by he who shall remain nameless) long term damage. It didn’t need to be this way. So On The Fence is my new web comic. My puny attempt to scream “HEY BOOMER” and take a close look at the state of affairs with humor. And it is my hope, to discover a little insight as to how to repair the damage.