Somebody Has Got To Go

Good morning, I hope everyone had a restful and safe weekend. Because now it’s time to pay the taxman! I’ll be going over bills, invoices, bank statements and all that other fun stuff we get to deal with once every year. I realize the date has been moved to May, but taxes are one thing I like to get over with.

Meanwhile, things in the bigger picture continue on the road to weirdness, more shootings, police violence, and to me perhaps the most aggravating development is that the former guy continues to spout egregious lies that will cause yet more damage to the country. Let’s be honest, all the disruptions in the social environment are due to the liar’s lies about the election, the pandemic, the vaccine, etc. We have ongoing threats of violence and foolish people protesting basic public health procedures that have been proven to be effective for not just years, but centuries! We have many people who I have spoken to, who to my surprise are rejecting any thoughts of being vaccinated, thanks to the liar’s lies about COVID-19. The dangerous lies continue, so my question is, Are there ANY consequences to the filthy rich elites in this country for crimes carried out in PUBLIC?

EVERYONE knows TRUMP IS GUILTY of inciting a violent insurrection in which people were KILLED! And yet, has he paid any significant price for all the damages he continues to inflict on this nation? No instead he’s griping, like the petulant child he is, that “they didn’t name the vaccine after me! Wahhh!!!” OK let’s call it the Trumpccine, to treat the Trumpdemic and the Trump Depression caused by the Trump Virus. Then let’s bring the liar to justice and throw him in a cage. I hope you enjoy my comic, once I get this site set up correctly, I’ll soon begin posting my previous graphic novel. Have a great day!